SkinCrafter Installer 2.6.1: SkinCrafter Installer developer tool for MSI install packages skinning.

SkinCrafter Installer 2.6.1

SkinCrafter Installer is a developer tool for skinning of install packages created with Windows installer (MSI files). SkinCrafter Installer uses SkinCrafter engine for skins implementation. SkinCrafter performs skinning Windows applications, allowing absolute visual customizations. In combination with SkinCrafter library you can get complete package: skinned installer + skinned end-user application.

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DynamicSkinForm 12.40: Create cool application with skins support!

DynamicSkinForm 12.40

skin change -nonrectangular, dynamically resizable windows -MDI support -default style for form and controls -skin support for messages -skin menus with nonrectangular kind, effects, multi-items support -skin support and default style for dialog windows and tool windows -skin support for many controls, db-controls -skin support for shell controls and dialogs -skin support for printer dialogs -linking controls to areas -skins with objects: caption


AlphaControls 2010 7.54: A skinned VCL`s for professional UI design dev. in the Borland Delphi and CB6.

AlphaControls 2010 7.54

Skins". AlphaControls is an easy-to-use universal and powerful tool for developing original skinned and non-skinned business/media applications. We have also added some properties, which make AlphaControls (and the applications that use them) unique. - Skinning of standard and 3rd-party components and over 80 own controls which are optimized for using with skins and have own additional features - System dialogs automatic skinning - Skinable forms

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SkiniTunes 1.1.0: A Mini Player for iTunes with Skins, Hotkeys, Lyrics Importer, Album Art & More!

SkiniTunes 1.1.0

SkiniTunes. For the first time ever, you can jam with iTunes in style! Customize SkiniTunes with downloadable skins from our ever growing online skin library. Dare to be different and unique, download SkiniTunes now. SkiniTunes is an iTunes controller application that will enhance your experience with iTunes. With SkiniTunes , you will enjoy your choice of two compact skinnable players and a track pop-up window that includes song information, album

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Skin Cancer Symptoms 1.0: Skin cancer symptoms - Get answers now on skin cancer

Skin Cancer Symptoms 1.0

skin cancers. Melanoma- this is probably the most severe kind of skin cancer. It types within the cells that create skin pigment referred to as melanin. Not just can this happen within the skin cells, but within the eyes as well as within the inner organs. It is mostly discovered around the locations from the skin that obtain probably the most sun- encounter, fingers, arms and ft. For dark-skinned sufferers, it could also happen in nail beds, palms

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Skin Treatment 1.0: As you age, your skin undergoes progressive changes.

Skin Treatment 1.0

skin undergoes progressive changes: The cells divide more slowly, and the inner layer of skin (the dermis) starts to thin. Fat cells beneath the dermis begin to shrink. In addition, the ability of the skin to repair itself decreases with age, so wounds heal more slowly. The thinning skin becomes vulnerable to injuries and damage. The deeper layer of the skin, which provides scaffolding for the surface skin layers, loosens and unravels. Skin then

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IrisSkin 3.66

skin support.

Using IrisSkin, you don`t need make any modification for your existing projects just drop the skin engine component onto the main form and set some properties, that`s all. It can skin all forms automatically. And the skin files can be compiled into the EXE file so that you don`t need distribute the skin files with the EXE. At run-time, you can switch the skins very easily and you can switch to unskinned easily too. Let`s say

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Skin Treatment volume 2 1.0: Face masks can be like a much needed spring cleaning.

Skin Treatment volume 2 1.0

skin and remove any buildup of sluggish cells. The skin of the face needs even more attention than the rest of the body because the face has more oil glands, especially the central forehead, eye areas, nose and chin. Skin cleansing is the first step for good skin. Dirt, pollution, residual makeup, etc. can cause havoc to the skin leading to skin ailments and even hastening of the aging process. Our skin needs some extra help to stay young and healthy

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Sonic Skinner VB Skin ActiveX Control 2.0.0: Skin your VB applications easily with the new Sonic Skinner ActiveX Control.

Sonic Skinner VB Skin ActiveX Control 2.0.0

Skin your Visual Basic applications easily with the new Sonic Skinner ActiveX Control. Whether you are an expert programmer or you don`t have a clue to create a nice skin to your applications, the Sonic Skinner is the Ideal tool for you to create professional style interfaces with just a click. This version Super (Ver 2) is a highly advanced version and contains 12 exclusive built-in themes.

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SkinStudio 5.01: Create your own graphical user interface (GUI) that you can apply to Windows.

SkinStudio 5.01

SkinStudio 4.5 enables you import MSStyles into WindowBlinds seamlessly. It also allows users to create visual styles with semi-transparent Start menu elements (per pixel alpha blending). • Supports Universal Skin Format (USF) • Create a skin from a pre-made image • Create WindowBlinds Skins • Import .msstyles into USF SkinStudio is free. The free version supports Universal Skin Format (USF), creating a skin from a pre-made image, creating

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